The Crown's Emotional Finale with Staunton, Colman and Foy

The Crown TV show is ending after 5 seasons. The final season stars Imelda Staunton as Queen Elizabeth.

The show creators filmed a special scene at the end with the 3 main actresses who played the Queen - Imelda Staunton, , Claire Foy.

The scene shows them all having tea together, passing on the role of Queen from one actor to the next.

Filming the scene was emotional for the actresses as the show is ending. They have a bond from playing the same character.

The scene symbolizes passing the crown between different generations, like Queen Elizabeth did in real life.

Show creator Peter Morgan wrote the scene to show the continuity of the Queen as portrayed by the different actresses.

The actresses had royalty coaches on set to help with etiquette and behavior in the scene with all the Queens together.

The finale scene was shot at a historic country house in the UK.

 The set was made to look like each Queen's living room from different eras.