The Cast of '1883': Everything to Know

"1883" is a prequel to the hit show "Yellowstone" on Paramount+. It follows a family journeying West.

The show centers around James and Margaret Dutton as they travel with their children to find a new home in Oregon.

Tim McGraw plays James, a Civil War veteran taking his family West for a better life.

Faith Hill plays James' devoted wife Margaret. She supports the difficult move despite the dangers.

James and Margaret's children Elsa and John are played by Isabel May and Audie Rick.

Cowboys Thomas, Shea and Wade sign up to guide the Dutton wagon train on its perilous journey out West.

The show follows the challenges the Duttons face as they traverse the Great Plains towards Oregon.

Catch new episodes of "1883" streaming on Paramount+ to follow the Duttons' epic adventure west.